The pleasure of digestion

Xavier Pellicer

The Xavier Pellicer restaurant in Barcelona was voted the number one "Best Vegetable Restaurant of the World” in 2018 and 2019. In 2022 chef Xavier is rightfully renowned as the world’s first “We’re Smart® Plant-Based Untouchable”. 

Xavier Pellicer is devoted to the pleasure of digestion. It all starts on the land where farmers with their hands transmit positive energy to those who gratefully turn nature’s crops into ravishing dishes. Xavier’s kitchen is of an extraordinary dimension and always inspired by nature. 

What an honor to meet this legend and a delightful pleasure to tell his story de la soul for Arqan. We followed him to the fields just outside of Barcelona, the fertile soil of his most amazing zero waste dishes. Magic.



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De La Soul

Zoellaan 71
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