The Spicehunter

Marcel Thiele

Nature’s pharmacy is the mission and playground of Marcel Thiele, aka The Spicehunter. He travels the world to document the incredible wisdom and knowledge on naturally-occurring and regional-specific herbs and spices. For thousands of years cultures of all continents have incorporated these natural resources for dietary, health and medical benefits. 

Marcel currently visited over 90 countries on the hunt for spices, herbs, flowers, leaves, micro plants, roots, cress and other parts of plants. He brings his expertise to the innovative Dutch grower of cresses, Koppert Cress and is ambassador of the pure and organic culinary Arqan oil. 

To capture Marcel’s story in images for Arqan, we went to the magnificent food forest in Kruishoutem, Belgium. In the middle of nature Marcel took on the autumn challenge to create two inspiring dishes with seasonal plants, vegetables and herbs. Grew in the forest, tastes like heaven.



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