The Vegetable Chef

Frank Fol

No attempt to tell the story of our journey into food photography would be complete without an account of the incredible people who prompted it in the first place. We have already mentioned one of them by name: Axel Janssen. The other is Frank Fol. And while it is impossible not to share these remarkable chefs’ passion for food, what has forever etched them in my soul is their vision on the place of food in our lives. And after having met them, we would pinpoint it somewhere near – if not at – the very centre. 

As the driving force behind the revolutionary culinary, social and environmental movement known as We’re Smart World, Frank Fol is a universally-renowned genius with vegetables. Every dish is definitive proof that for the most sensational culinary experience, one needs nothing else. And as living inspiration not only for this humble photographer but a whole generation of chefs around the world, Frank has well and truly earned his place in the gastronomic hall of fame. 

Frank, it is an honour to capture your culinary artworks on film. And we’ll forever be indebted to you for sparking the same passion in us that has fuelled your own inspiring career.


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