We create stories that move people

Your story has the potential to inspire the world! Which is why we help you craft it from the heart and tell it de la soul. As strategic and creative story designers, we transform your passion for healthy food into tangible, nourishing results. From love brands to moving campaigns, from websites that whet the appetite for more to books that open up whole new perspectives. Stories well-told lay the fertile soil for growing success!


How we make the difference

The hardest story to tell is the one you are most passionate about. As story design experts we know how to craft your story to the most powerful, meaningful and game changing level. In De La Soul we bring all our passions and skills together: communication & branding expertise, photography, copy, graphics and publishing.


Introducing Our Culinary and Food Brand Photography Packages!

Elevate your culinary creations and brand identity with our bespoke photography packages designed to showcase your essence and captivate your audience. From mouthwatering dishes to the heart and soul of your brand, our offerings cater to every aspect of your visual storytelling needs.

Stories we've told

We’re proud to play a part in bold and innovative projects that change the way we look at food. Discover the unique vision behind each one of these stories that are told straight de la soul. Who knows, maybe yours will soon be one of them?

Cooks in the kitchen

Hi there! Mieke & Wim here. The dynamic duo who are passionate about storytelling. We love creating stories that feed both the mind and the soul. For healthy projects that nourish life on earth. And we apply all our experience, expertise and appetite for success in the process. We can’t wait to meet you!

Have we whet your appetite for more?

Calling all entrepreneurs with vision, businesses with guts and innovators with sustainable ideas… your story needs to be told and it needs to be bold! 

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